Hello, Internet!

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Hello, Internet!

2 years ago, I wanted to start a blog

Since then I’ve procrastinated tried a range of platforms and frameworks, but it’s now live. I’m mostly planning on using it as a dumping ground for my thoughts, but as with all things, I’d be surprised if that didn’t change.

A bit about me

  • I’m a software developer/consultant with ThoughtWorks Australia.
  • I enjoy learning, and am always happy when learning something new.
  • I like sharing ideas, and helping others, even when said others don’t want help…
  • I made an About Me page with more stuff on it.

A bit about this blog

  • I suspect this will start off mostly as a dumping ground for my thoughts.
  • You’ll probably find things about tech, society, things that I enjoy, things that I don’t enjoy and a bunch of other rubbish with no coherent pattern here.

A bit about the technology behind this blog

  • This blog is powered by Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages.
  • The theme I’m using is based on Strata by HTML5 UP, although I’ve made some minor changes.
  • This is all probably going to change significantly over time.

So welcome, internet people and robots, here’s to the future.

The Path To Jekyll

When I decided to start a blog, I started looking for a blogging framework. Instead of choosing something like Wordpress or Blogger, I wanted to try something else.